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Kite Runner

The kite sprinter: Literacy Essay A solitary occasion can shape a mind-blowing remainder. Reclamation is a way that compensates for the reason for the blame. The Kite Runnerâ is particularly a â€Å"novel of recovery. † The principle character, Amir, needs to figure out how to make up for himself in the wake of having double-crossed Hassan. Sanaubar, in like manner, must discover recovery. Baba settle his past blameworthy by carrying out beneficial things First, Amir makes up for himself by ventures into mental fortitude and salvages the child of his sibling Hassan Redemption is the demonstration of saying or being spared from wrongdoing, blunder or fiendishness, which the primary character Amir appears to require the most.Amir lives with the blame he has developed throughout the years as a result of one occurrence from his adolescence. Amir's father’s words despite everything reverberation through his head â€Å"A kid who won't go to bat for himself turns into a ma n who can't confront anything. † Pg (24). In spite of the fact that Amir pulverized the lives of numerous individuals, and he has had more than one chance to vindicate himself of his blame, he isn't the narrow minded young man he used to be. Before Amir can go making progress toward reclamation, Amir must understand that he can't return and change what he has done as a kid, and he should discover internal peace.Although in the event that it was not for Amir's activities as a youngster, Sohrab could never have should have been spared in any case yet by sparing Sohrab, the last bit of Hassan's life, has any kind of effect. From the second he decided to betray Hassan, there were numerous odds where â€Å"There's a method to be acceptable again† (238). For every one of his bad behaviors, however he decided not to take any of these. Sohrab was his last and just possibility for recovery. â€Å"I have a spouse in America, a home, a profession and a family†.But how mig ht I get together and return home whenever my activities may have cost Hassan a possibility at those exact same things? What's more, what Rahim Khan uncovered to me changed things. Made me perceive how my whole life, some time before the winter of 1975, going back to when that singing Hazara lady was all the while nursing me, had been a pattern of falsehoods treacheries and secrets† (238). Amir at long last turned into the man who supported himself and his wrongdoings. All through his youth, Amir searched for his dad's love and he never could get it. His dad had said â€Å"I'm letting you know, Rahim, there is something missing in that kid (24).Amir's dad would have been glad for him at the present time since that was all he had needed from him. The blame that was worked throughout the years was at last settled at the wellbeing of Sohrab. In Afghanistan when Amir went to bat for Sohrab and Assef forcefully beat him up, Amir had said â€Å"My body was broken exactly how s everely I wouldn't discover until some other time yet I felt recuperated. Recuperated finally. I giggled. † (289) which demonstrated Amir had dealt with what he had done as a youngster and was at last felt relieved.Although he was getting beat up, it didn't make a difference any longer, he just wished he had faced Assef years back, and possibly he would have earned his recovery in that rear entryway. Second, In the novel Baba Seeks recovery by rewarding Hassan well and continually recalling his birthday. Amir and Baba were planting tulips, when Amir had inquired as to whether he'd ever consider getting new workers And Baba said ‘’Hassan's not going anyplace, he'd yapped. He’s remaining right here with us, where he has a place. This is his home and we're his family. He had sobbed, sobbed, when Ali declared he and Hassan were leaving us. † (237) Kite Runner Individuals are ethically vague individuals. We are neither absolutely underhanded nor simply great, yet frequently a blend. Furthermore, perhaps that’s why a significant number of us are pulled in to writing works with ethically uncertain characters, for example, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The Kite Runner was set in Kabul, Afghanistan, continues to United States during the Soviet Union intrusion, and afterward the setting returns to Kabul when the Taliban ascends in power. In this novel, Amir, to whom the entire story of the book is revolved around, is an ethically uncertain character.Amir is a Pashtun kid; he deceives his fellowship with Hassan, a Hazara child of Amir’s father’s worker. Blame frequents Amir for quite a long time significantly after he had left Kabul and moved to United States. Amir is an ethically vague character in light of the fact that he’s a weakling, he’s childish, he deceives his companion and lies, yet he likewise discovers fearlessness to confront what he had fouled up and discovers salvation. The initial segment of the book The Kite Runner demonstrates how Amir is certainly not an absolutely decent character.Amir frequently spends time with the Hazara kid, Hassan and would reveal to Hassan that they are companions, yet he despite everything feels he’s above Hassan in light of the fact that Amir is Pashtun and Hazara individuals are considered underneath the Pashtun individuals. Amir wouldn’t spend time with Hassan when other Pashtun young men are with him, he additionally taunts the way that Hassan can’t read, not considering the way that Hassan doesn’t have the chance to get instruction. Amir couldn’t stand Hassan’s insight: Amir had composed an anecdote about how a man’s attacks pearls when they fall into this enchantment cup, and the story finished with man’s spouse dead in his arms on a mountain heap of pearls.When Hassan heard the story, he had appreciated it, yet he additionally brought up a couple of issues that irritated Amir, â€Å"Why did the man slaughter his better half? Truth be told, for what reason did he ever need to be tragic to cry tears? Couldn’t he have quite recently smelled an onion? † (p. 34). Amir was furious in light of the fact that a unimportant Hazara kid who couldn’t read had shown Amir something he, an informed kid, didn’t make sense of. These couple of models that show how Amir is mean and presumptuous are nothing contrasted with what he does to Hassan later on.Assef is a Pashtun kid that genuinely detests Hazaras and accepts that Hazaras should all vanish. At the point when Amir gets Assef assaulting Hassan, rather than stepping in, Amir flees and imagines nothing had occurred. At the point when blame fired gobbling Amir up and he couldn’t stand confronting Hassan in light of the fact that Hassan helps him to remember his fearful activity, he nail ed a wrongdoing of burglary to Hassan so as to have Hassan removed from his home. The second piece of the book shows that Amir isn’t absolutely abhorrent in spite of what he has done.For some time, Amir’s life is loaded up with the blame of not sparing Hassan from the assault and it shielded Amir from being totally cheerful, despite the fact that he found the affection for his life in America and got hitched. At that point one day, Amir’s father’s companion, Rhahim, considered him to allow him to vindicate himself. â€Å"There’s an approach to be acceptable again† (p. 226). Amir found an approach to be acceptable once more. Amir returned to Afghan to discover Hassan’s child, Sohrab, to take him with Amir on the grounds that Hassan and his better half had been shot to death in the city by the Taliban.Amir discovers Sohrab with Assef and winds up getting into a physical battle with Assef. Amir fundamentally lets Assef beat him up and ke eping in mind that being beat up, Amir feels calmed. â€Å"My body was broken †exactly how severely I wouldn’t discover until later †however I felt recuperated. Recuperated at last† (p. 289). Amir felt that he was being recuperated from the blame that has been creeping underneath his skin each and every day. He had double-crossed his unparalleled companion, Hassan, lied, and decimated an opportunity where Hassan may have left to United States with him would in any case be alive.Amir felt that he at long last got what he merited and he felt much better, he had discovered salvation. Furthermore, he had subsequently taken in Sohrab as his own child. Amir had been a defeatist; he had settled on egotistical choices and destroyed Hassan’s live, however on the off chance that he had been simply underhanded, at that point he would not have felt blame, nor would he have taken a chance with his life to bring back an insignificant Hazara’s child. In any ca se, he had been loaded up with blame and he had gone to discover Sohrab and made up for himself. What's more, in this way, Amir is an ideal case of an ethically vague character. Kite Runner In â€Å"The Kite Runner,† composed by Khaled Hosseini, recounts to a clear story that shows the political and strict separation in Afghan culture. Worries about segregation are reminded to the peruser as one finds out about the tale of two Afghan young men. A significant battle is obvious between the two gatherings in Afghanistan, the Pashtuns, and the Hazaras. Segregation sets into place as we find out about the history between the two family lines. On page 9, Amir read from a book that says â€Å"Pashtuns had abused and mistreated the Hazaras †¦ the explanation was that Pashtuns were Sunni Muslims, while Hazaras were Shi’a.This sets in the possibility that the Pashtuns slaughtered the Hazaras essentially in light of the fact that they were not Sunni Muslims, bringing about the separation in the public arena against the Hazaras. All through the novel, there were numerous scenes of separation, for example, how Hassan was never welcomed to Amir’s birthday c elebrations, Assef continually singling out Ali and Hassan as they are from an alternate class, and particularly when Assef was assaulting Hassan. Assef accepted that it was his entitlement to assault Hassan on the grounds that in his eyes, he was just a Hazara, an article which he can possess and control.The Author Khaled Hosseini additionally utilized numerous scholarly gadgets to underscore the impacts of separation in the public arena. This is appeared on page 298 when Assef says â€Å"Afghanistan resembles an excellent house covered with trash, and somebody needs to take out the trash. † This is a figurative gadget where Khaled Hosseini had Assef view the trash as the Hazaras. He likewise plainly depicted Assef as far as being Hitler by having a similar ethnic and political views.Another procedure the creator used to show segregation was on page 380 when General Taheri says â€Å"they will need to know why there is a Hazara kid living with my little girl. † This i s the point at which the General starts to address Amir’s activities. This shows even an agreeable character like the General, has a

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International Economic Development Growth and Productivity

Question: Examine about theInternational Economic Development forGrowth and Productivity. Answer: Presentation: This task is fundamentally a writing audit of the article The Impact of Research and Development on Economic development and Productivity in the U.S. States. The innovative work (R and D) significantly affects both the yield and the absolute factor profitability (TFP) over the long haul. As indicated by this article, the normal R and D versatility for the private area in U.S. states from the year 1963 to 2007 is 0.056-0.143. The inquiry tended to here is the reason the states with higher human capital have more R and D versatility than different nations and what the R and D overflow impacts are over the states (Blanco 2016). Hypothetical Background: Innovative work (R and D) implies the procedure that the corporate organizations use to build up their current merchandise and methods or the extension of new wares and strategies. The R and D exercises may change between the organizations yet the fundamental model of these exercises stays same. In addition, the R and D action has a positive overflow consequences for the advancement and the all out factor efficiency (TFP). In this article, the observational techniques have been utilized to decide the drawn out impacts of R and D over the conditions of U.S. Alongside the R and D execution, the TFP of the U.S. was additionally thought of. This article gives an expository portrayal of the impact of R and D and TFP on financial development. To decide the impacts, various kinds of econometric models have been utilized in the examination part. The principle examine question is to recognize the impacts of R and D on the financial development and profitability (Francombe and Hoffman 2013). Procedures Used in this Paper: The paper is fundamentally a writing audit dependent on a companion evaluated scholastic article. The article has utilized auxiliary information on yield, R and D, physical and human capital, work. To evaluate a creation work, a relapse model has been taken. Additionally, an autoregressive dispersed slack model (ARDL) has been utilized to evaluate the short run elements of the factors. In addition, the Pooled Mean Group (PMG) estimator is utilized to decide the parameters of the since quite a while ago run connection between the SGDP and TFP. The PMG estimator is useful for two reasons. It gives a suitable shared conviction between ordinary fixed impacts gauges for utilizing the board information and the Mean Group (MG) estimator. These are the strategies utilized in this article. Pertinence/Contribution: This piece of the article sums up the entire thing. The initial segment of the article presents the subject of the article and it gives a synopsis of it. The principle focal point of the article is on the effect of R and D improvement on monetary development. The following piece of the article gives the hypothetical foundation of this issue. There are a few varieties in the R and D flexibility over the states. The human capital likewise assumes an essential job in this specific situation. The state with higher human capital will have higher R and D flexibility. At the point when the TFP is lower, at that point there would be no impact on R and D exercises (Mori, Kanda and Notomi 2013). Key Findings: This piece of the task depicts the principle discoveries of this article. The connection between the interest in R and D capital and efficiency prompts the accompanying outcomes. The principal end got from the article is that all evaluated particulars mirror that the R and D of a state importantly affects the State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP) through the TFP in future. Furthermore, it was discovered that the R and D doesn't have significant short run impacts on the efficiency. It doesn't make a difference that whether the R and D is presented inside the states or in different states. It centers around the since a long time ago run linkage between the R and D venture and development of the economy. Another end is that the solid sign of positive R and D overflows among U.S. states uncovers the way that each dollar spent on R and D has a minimal impact of around 11% by and large (Kurihara and Hanakawa 2013). Basic Review: This piece of the task gives the basic survey of the article. As of late, there has been noteworthy advancement towards R and D exercises. The proportions of R and D are kept as an advantage by the organizations. The R and D ought to be distributed so that the general pace of return is extremely high (Wang et al. 2013). In addition, the mechanical change is a noteworthy determinant of the drawn out efficiency and it likewise improves the way of life after some time. One of the primary reactions of the endogenous development hypothesis is that it neglected to clarify the contingent union (Harper, Jones and Marcus 2013). Paul krugman additionally scrutinized the endogenous development hypothesis. One paper contended some huge issues about the pace of come back to R and D. The mechanical chances and R and D, both are interrelated. The organizations which have high R and D are probably going to have solid mechanical chances. Correspondingly, firms with low R and D have more vulnerable me chanical possibilities. The organizations of unadulterated serious market by and large don't go through cash for R and D since they dont get ordinary benefits. There are a few ventures like programming, PC and mechanical autonomy which go through a lot of cash for R and D reason. Because of the changing advancements around the world, they need to do the R and D exercises (Noyes et al. 2013). There are a few difficulties related with this R D innovation. Right off the bat, it requires a significant expense. Additionally, it takes a significant stretch to fabricate another item. Additionally the results are unsure. In some cases it can't be anticipated that whether the clients prerequisites will change during the protracted R D technique. The R and D model created by Paul Romer gives the hypothesis of endogenous development. As per this hypothesis, this endogenous development model is additionally Pareto wasteful (Gil 2014). Reference List: Blanco, L.R., Gu, J. also, Prieger, J.E., 2016. The Impact of Research and Development on Economic Growth and Productivity in the US States.Southern Economic Journal,82(3), pp.914-934. Francombe, M.H. also, Hoffman, R.W. eds., 2013.Physics of Thin Films: Advances in Research and Development. Elsevier. Gil, H., 2014. Serious Regional Development as a Synthesis of Endogenous Growth and Economic Geography. 27(2), pp.339-362. Harper, C., Jones, N. also, Marcus, R., 2013.Research for improvement: A useful guide. Sage. Kurihara, M. what's more, Hanakawa, M., 2013. Uber ton Water System: Japanese national innovative work venture on seawater desalination and wastewater reclamation.Desalination,308, pp.131-137. Mori, Y., Kanda, H. what's more, Notomi, T., 2013. Circle interceded isothermal intensification (LAMP): ongoing advancement in research and development.Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy,19(3), pp.404-411. Noyes, J., Gough, D., Lewin, S., Mayhew, A., Michie, S., Pantoja, T., Petticrew, M., Pottie, K., Rehfuess, E., Shemilt, I. what's more, Shepperd, S., 2013. An innovative work plan for deliberate surveys that pose complex inquiries about complex interventions.Journal of clinical epidemiology,66(11), pp.1262-1270. Wang, W., Luo, Q., Li, B., Wei, X., Li, L. what's more, Yang, Z., 2013. Late advancement in redox stream battery research and development.Advanced Functional Materials,23(8), pp.970-986.

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September Questions Omnibus 1

September Questions Omnibus 1 Viji wrote, Hello, How do I RSVP for the info session? Your links takes me to the school and Yahoo maps. Interested in attending the Sept. 18th, Mira Loma, Sacramento session. Aha, oops. You can RSVP at http://www.mit-admissions.org/7075/newusr.asp (you need a new additional login beyond your MyMIT login). You can review the list of meetings at http://mit-admissions.org/rsvp/session_link.asp. At the Sacramento meeting, say hi to Stu for me! Vivek asked, is a freshman assigned a particular discipline he is to major in or it is decided in later years? When you apply to MIT, you are not applying to a specific major or a specific school/college within MIT. Students who are admitted to MIT are admitted to the entire university and may choose any department they like without an additional application process. All freshmen enter MIT undeclared, and, at the conclusion of the freshman year, choose their major from among all of MITs majors. Later, you can add another major or a minor or two. You can also change majors (as I did in my junior year, from math to management) at any time. In short, you are not assigned to a major, you choose it. You can learn more about this at the Choice of Major website. Sara wrote, For the next Omnibus: Is it ok to write HMMT? (not enough room to write it out) What about emo? uhhh maybe MIT rejects people for listening to such whiny crap Is it ok if our summer activities are off by a few weeks, dont fall on the right days, etc., as long as the duration is correct? For HMMT, I might try something like Hvd/MIT Math Tnmt, since its not guaranteed everyone will immediately recognize it. As for emo, Im not sure under what context it would come up, but we wont count it negatively against you. Besides, the admissions staff here actually has some fairly eclectic tastes in music. As for the dates of summer activities section, were just trying to get a sense of order and length; dates need not be 100% accurate. Diana wrote, I really appreciated your presentation in Winter Park, driving to the other side of Orlando was worth it. Thanks for all the information, your honesty and enthusiasm. I now want to go to MIT more than ever, and even though that is awesome, I am going to be sooo disapointed if I am rejected and its all your fault. =o) How certain were you about MIT when you applyed? Any interview tips? I was actually not certain at all about MIT when I applied. At the time I was applying, MIT was not my first choice, and it was only after I was admitted and began to fully explore MIT that it emerged as my top choice. As Ive often talked about, I was initially concerned at that MIT would not have enough humanities for me, not have enough gender diversity, and not be a good place to be a college student with a social/non-academic life. But when I finally visited with open eyes, I realized that MIT had more than enough resources in the humanities, that MIT had both many men and many women, and that MIT would indeed be a fun place to attend college. As for the interview, Ill have more to say, but my best advice is to come in relaxed and open to talking about yourself. The interview isnt a quiz or a grilling session, it is a chance for the admissions office to get to know you better. Susan wrote, I have a question regarding the application. I understand the importance of showing passion, especially through the essays and extracurricular involvement. However, there are subjects such as psychology and philosophy that I ABSOLUTELY love but its rather hard to actively pursue them in a HS setting. How would you recommend that I display these sort of passions? There are several ways you could have your love of psychology and philosophy come out. You could talk about it in your interview. You could mention your philosophical/psychological readings/discussions in an essay. Maybe theres a teacher with whom youve had such discussions with, and they could mention it in their recommendation. Those are a few ways that come to mind. mike wrote, Could you visit us in Southwest Florida someday? Im going up to the Tampa session on the 16th, but thats a four hour one way drive for me, which means I wont be home until about two in the morning. West Palm and Miami arent any closer. I also have a question about admissions essays. You give us so little space ( Mike, Im really sorry that we cant visit all parts of the country. We do our best to get close to everyone in your case, as you note, Tampa, Miami, and West Palm Beach but unfortunately we only have so much time. We do the Central Meetings to try to help, but I dont want to trouble you and your family with so much driving! Let me know how I can help in other ways, and if you still do decide to make the long drive, hopefully Ill be able to give you at least a little individual time in Tampa. Hmmm as for the essays, again Ill have more to say later, but here are a few tips. First, the longer essay is recommended to be 500 words. Those short answer questions should be shorter, and we recognize the constraints of a shorter response; you your best to just answer those questions directly. In the longer essay, try to eliminate lots of description (It was a crisp December morning, with skies as blue as sapphires and clouds like cotton balls) and focus on talking about yourself and what is important to you. Also, do talk to others English teachers, parents, etc. for their advice on your essays. Hope that helps somewhat. Pash wrote, I am a prospective Junior, who is very intent on coming to MIT. I was merely wondering if you could facilitate some advice which would help me with acceptance into MIT. I am aware of the demand for a rigorous course schedule, however, many are, hence I was looking for distinguishing things, I as an individual could do, which would make it more compelling for admissions officers, such as yourself, to accept me. Also, is it integral that I take an English course every year, or should my emphasis be on the sciences and mathematics? Pash, my advice to you is to think about those things that most excite you, and then think about how you can best pursue those interests. Also, while it is true that an MIT education emphasizes analytical skills often used in science and math, we do also hope that youll have some academic balance in your life, including in English language studies. We do not require 4 years of English, but we do recommend it. Sara wrote, Another question: Today my college counselor said that an MIT rep comes up to Exeter to interview all early applicants. But Im a day student, so its no problem for me to meet my EC. Which would be better? And if its better for me to interview at Exeter, should I let my EC know? On your MyMIT portal, it should have the name and contact information of your EC. You should contact your EC and set up with him or her whatever best fits both of your constraints. Leon wrote, Im currently taking AP Calculus BC as a senior at my high school. Last year I have taken Calc AB and got a 5 on the AP test. If I get a 5 on the AP Calc BC test (which I am very confident that I will), do u think I will be able to take multivariable calculus in my freshman year at MIT if I will be accepted? I ask this because some people told me that no matter how well I do on some APs MIT would still make me retake the classes. If you have a 5 on the BC Calculus AP test, you will get credit and placement for 18.01 single variable calculus, and will indeed start with 18.02 multivariable calculus. Ill have an entry quite soon with more information about AP/IB credit. Shikhar wrote, Matt, I have noticed in the past few years that from India at least the students who get selected to MIT are one each from the North,South, East and West zone. Is it true that MIT considers all applicants of one geographic region of a country and takes one from each. Also dont you think Indians should get a little more representation at MIT since they make like 30% of all International applicants but still only four get selected. I mean is the application process based countrywise or are all international applicants considered in a same pool. It is not true that we will always try to take one applicant from each region of a country. However, we do consider various forms of diversity, including geographic diversity. Also, you should know that your numbers (30% and 4) are not necessarily accurate. It is true that in the international process, we admit by country, but we admit without quotas by country or region. Michael wrote, In the application my fathers highest level of education is requested. My father went to trade-school, instead of high school, and whilst in apprentice-ship, he took an evening course over 4 years to become a state authorised real estate dealer'(not sure about the expression). How would you write that up, as it does not come either in the undergrad. or the grad. category? Since theres no correct answer, I would choose High school diploma and then in the name of university and degree section, write in High school = trade school and authorised real estate dealer, or something like that. Do your best to convey the information given the limited space. Richard wrote, Ill be seeing you again in Orlando on Thursday night, and Im wondering whatll be different from the info session at Arizona ISEF. And what should we be dressed in? (At Phoenix, we had dress shirts etc., so I think this might be different) Thanks again, and I will see you soon! It was good to see you! You can wear what you like. In West Palm Beach, one student chose to wear a suit, and another wore a t-shirt and flip flops. Id probably go somewhere in between. For the record, you were dressed quite fine =) Shikhar wrote, Matt answer this on your omnibus. Dont you think its high time an MIT student does one of those unbelievable hacks like in the past I think the hacking community at MIT is lying low for sometime? Youre asking this on the wrong blog go over here ;) Michael wrote (re: this entry), The alumni whos a Senior Associate, McKinsey Co wouldnt happen to live in Oslo, Norway, would he? And if that is the case, is his name Joachim? No, the alumna Im thinking of works in Turkey. As youre beginning to see, many MIT alums work for McKinsey, among other management consulting companies. (I did find a 2001 MIT Ph.D. named Joachim working for McKinsey in Europe in the alumni directory, though). Matthew wrote, In MyMIT account, Ive been assigned an Educational Counselor in Kuwait, but I live in the UAE. Could there be a problem, or do you guys expect us to fly to Kuwait for interviews? Do you suggest emailing the EC and ask for a phone interview instead? Hmm this may be a mistake. I think we do have an EC in Dubai. You should email [emailprotected] and explain your situation to them. Shabin wrote, [Matt wrote in a previous entry,] We know that most countries do not put the same emphasis on extracurricular activities as the United States does. This is okay, and we will consider this as part of your context. But dear Mr. McGann, some of the students from some of the schools in most of the countries get more opportunity than the remaining ones. While comparing two people from the same country but coming from different ambience, and with different set of opportunities, how will the Admission Officers be able to properly understand, judge, evaluate and put into context the context? Your context includes many things, including your country, city, school, family situation, and more. All of these things comprise your context, and your context will be an important part of your application. Kamran wrote, My next question: How many staff members do you know who play video games? Actually, Ive never had a conversation with my colleagues about video games =) ant06 wrote, thanks for answerin that last ques. ive another one.. where do non-native English speakers fill in their third SAT subject test scores in the application form? The third subject score space seems reserved for native English speakers only!! You have two options as a non-native English speaker. In one, you take the SAT I or ACT along with 3 SAT IIs. In the other, you take the TOEFL and 2 SAT IIs. So, if youve taken the TOEFL, you dont need a third line for a third SAT II. You should know, though, that what well do is consider only the submitted scores that make you look best, regardless of which scores you write on the application. Kishor wrote, is it true that international applicants dont have to take the sat reasoning test. Applicants whose first language is not English (international or not) have two options: the SAT I or ACT along with 3 SAT IIs; or the TOEFL and 2 SAT IIs. We have no preference between these, and you should do whichever option will be best for you. Matthew wrote, im matthew from india .i would like to join the mit as freshman next year . and i got the application form .as u give a lot of importance to extra curricular activities ,can i attach a cd or a document containing my certificates and distinctions along with the app. form . if yes i would be really happy . hoping to hear from you soon . Many international applicants send in a large book with copies of certificates. This is not necessary. If you wish to send in some certificates, please only choose the most important few. You may also submit a brief resume (please do not make this lengthy) describing your activities and awards, but be sure to completely fill out the actual application spaces for activities and awards, as we will use this as the primary document. Harish wrote, i am a mystery to my teachers. I seem to be very good student in class, do extremely well in oral-quizzes and ask intelligent doubts. yet, in exams, I (sorry for the nasty language, but theres no other term that fits as well) screw up. Will this work for or against my favour at admissions and should I mention it in my application. I think my teachers will anyway. Another thing, do the teachers who give you give you a recommendation have to be employed because my humanities teacher recommendation happens to come from my English teacher who retired this year. but she has almost three decades of experience and Im quite sure shell give a good recommendation. Another one, Ive changed schools 5 times in my life due to fathers job. Will that have any consequence on my image. One more, my current school takes part in verrryyyyy few Extra-Curricular events. I represent us in all Literary events such as Quizzing,(which,sadly, is not given as an option in your list of events) Essa y-writing, Journalism and Debating. Whenever we do go, though, i generally do very well(when I say we do very well I mean we win). So, will quantity dictate or quality. [] Here goes the answers: Your teachers and/or counselor should be the one to mention any problems you have with taking exams. We are happy to accept recommendations from teachers who have retired or who now teach at other schools, and this will have no adverse effect on your image. We will consider your activities in the context of the opportunities you have. Laura wrote, More questions seem to occur to me all the time. Could you please help me with these too? Firstly, can I apply online for Part I of the application and send in paper forms for Part II? Secondly,how does MIT confirm citizenship status? Do they require your passport, citizenship papers, etc.? Lastly, I have a question about my transcript. If my transcript begins in eighth grade, and the online application only begins in ninth, should I list my eighth grade classes too? Complicating this is the fact that I took biology in eighth grade, but cannot find a way to list it as such, especially on the online application. Should I submit the paper application instead? What do you suggest? Oh, and one more thing, like Harish, one of the teachers that I have thought about giving a recommendation form to has retired. Should I ask another teacher to fill out the form, or is it okay if she fills it out, although she is no longer employed at the school? Yes, you can mix and match pieces of the online and paper application. I believe we look at citizenship documents at enrollment, though we need to see a copy of green cards during the admissions process. Also, you may list high school classes taken in middle school. On the paper application, write in 8 for grade level; on the online application, write Biology (taken in 8th grade) under Course Title. And, yes, as I told Harish, were happy to accept recommendations from teachers who have retired or who now teach at other schools. Dan wrote, My school offers only 2 AP courses for juniors, chemistry and US historyUS history is not for me and instead of AP chemistry taking up 2 blocks I chose honors chemistry and a full year music theory course. If they see that AP chemistry was offered and I didnt take it, will they not like that, or see that Im following my passions more, and it not affect me? I ask also because when I apply I will not have taken any AP tests to put on the application. Well, thats 1 more AP course than my school offered for junior year. You should ask your counselor to note your scheduling decision on his/her recommendation, and you may want to mention this in your interview too. Otherwise, I wouldnt worry about it too much, especially if you have some challenging courses in your senior year. Yuri wrote, Hello! I was recently accepted for the All-State Orchestra (NY), but there is a rule that requires candidates to be in the corresponding music class (orchestra). For me, orchestra conflicts with Calc BC and there is no other way around the problem, so my question is: is it worth it for my guidance counselor to mention that although I was accepted, I couldnt go due to scheduling conflicts? Sure, its worth mentioning it, its a nice honor! Mushal wrote, Im an international applicant from Pakistan. Ive been told on MyMIT that there isnt an EC in my hometown, so my interview has been waived, but i know there is one in a neighbouring city. I would really like to give an interviewis it possible to schedule up an interview with the EC from the other city?how? It may be possible. You can inquire further at [emailprotected] Shannon wrote, As a freshman, I took Spanish 3 and now as a sophmore am taking Spanish 5 (and plan on taking the AP test in May oh boy! Got to love testing). Anyways, I was really wondering how many credits or years of the language I should count that as. In middle school I essentially taught myself the language, and then I got ridiculously bored last year and went ahead into the Spanish 4 book. Can I count this as 5 years, or just 2 since I havent actually been learning it for 5, per se? Just curious. Well, we dont ask for you to account for a number of years or credits taken. Well look at your transcript and self-reported grades form to see the individual classes and individual grades, and we will definitely recognize the fact that youve advanced to Spanish V. Vivek wrote, i am in indian school system will it be fine if i get my recommendation filled up from someone who taught me in 10th then in 12th because he knows me better? Absolutely! This sounds like a great person to write your recommendation. Ian wrote, Im currently a senior student (form 5) in Malaysia and will be taking my final exams, SPM, in November 2005. I am very interested to apply for MITs Fall 2006 intake. Ive taken SAT I and TOEFL last year, scoring 620 verbal, 740 maths and 273 CBT. A few complications arise as I view the deadline of the application, January 1st. I do intend to take the new SAT I and SAT II physics, chemistry and maths 2. However, my final exams would only end in November, 30. The only available testing date according to college board that is after my exams and before the deadline is December 3rd. According to collegeboard.com, they do not allow a candidate to take up SATI and SATII papers on the same testing date, thus, the next available testing date is on January, 28, which is after the deadline for the applications. How do I overcome this problem? Ive viewed the earlier tests dates but I would be unable to take them because I would have to take a plane to Kuala Lumpur ( I am in Kuching ) a nd on those dates, my school has trail SPM exams. I do realize the competition for admission to MIT is really high, especially for the international students as only a few are admitted. I do know that I am a bright student and a fast learner, but my school doesnt have the AP system like the US schools. thus, I would like to take the AP tests in May 2006, all by self study. This again, is after the application deadline. Would MIT accept these scores? Official SPM results would only be out in March 2006. Could I use my forecast results to apply? What else should I place in my application to be one of the competitive applicants and prove my brilliance? Are there any ECs in Kuching or Malaysia? In form 4 (junior year in US standards I suppose), I missed out a mid year exam, causing me to be unranked at the end of the year. This is because I am a member of the school band, and we represented our country to Italy last year. However, I topped my form in the First term exam and also the Final exams. I am worried that this might affect my application. What should I do? I am from a low income family, yet I intend to enter a prestigious and expensive school such as MIT. What are the chances of one getting in? How good must one be? Ian, since you have taken the TOEFL (and done quite well), we will not require you to take the SAT I. All we will ask you to do is 2 SAT IIs (though taking the three is fine). So, I would take the SAT II on December 3, and not worry about the SAT I. MIT would accept your AP testing results in 2006 for credit and placement, but those scores would not be considered for this years admissions process. Also, yes, we will consider your forecast SPM results. I believe we have several ECs in peninsular Malaysia in the KL area; please email [emailprotected] for more information. As far as your special circumstance, either explain it yourself or have your counselor explain the situation. We will understand. Your income will not affect your admission to MIT (though at some schools it might). The odds for any international student to be admitted are unfortunately quite low, but I recommend you request a Fee Waiver from our office, apply, and see what happens. Most of our Malaysian applicants are from the peninsula so Ill be interested in hearing about life in Sarawak. Living in Sarawak and coming from a low income family are a big part of your context, so be sure to talk about that among all of your accomplishments and honors. Good luck! Lorraine wrote, I have a small question. Iam an international applicant or soon will be, and Iam still not sure about the subject tests. Before this year it was two subject tests one in math and one in science and one in writing,but now with the writing test no more, is it okay if I do two science tests,and one in math so that I still have a total of 3 subject tests or is there something else,because i cant do the language tests-I happen to know english only-and the History is really alien to me, but I really want to do the SATI and the subject tests. We require the SAT I or ACT and 3 SAT IIs: one in math, one in science, and a third in any subject of your choosing, which could be an additional math or science test. So, yes, you can do two science tests and a math test. Mike wrote, I recently did my interview with MIT and it was not good. It took me by total surprise. Normally, they ask you about yourself, and what youve done, but this was more like an IQ test. But then, I guess MITs not very normal. Anyhow, I think I did horribly. How will you guess look at my interview? Can it hurt my chances of getting in? The interview should not be like an IQ test. Most interviewers have just a very conversational interview to get to know you better, and this is what we instruct them to do. Please email [emailprotected] to tell them about your experience so other applicants in your area do not have the same problem. The results of such an interview cannot be held against you. Victor wrote, I would like to know if applying early action to say Caltech and MIT would hurt my chances of getting into MIT I know you dont really favor early applicants, but I would like to know how much loving the school factors into the decision. Also, the optional tell us about something you built essay should be around how long? I know Caltech likes to see a research paper you mightve written, and the thing I built has to do with a research paper Ive written. Im entering this paper into Siemens Westinghouse competition, so its like 20 pages so Im not sure admissions counselors would like to read something that long. Should I just summarize it? We do not know and do not care if you apply to other early action schools in addition to MIT. So, if you apply early action to both MIT and Caltech, it will not impact your application at MIT. We dont look for MIT love as much as we look for a good match and good fit with MIT and its culture. As for your research paper, I do not recommend sending it. What I do recommend is getting an extra recommendation from your research mentor, and talking about it in your interview. Also, for the optional essay, you could tell us a bit about your research project: how you chose the field/topic of research, how you obtained your research opportunity, what challenges you faced during your work, what you learned from the research, how it has influenced your future goals, etc. Id try to keep it to 500 words. Yasha wrote, I registered myself at MYMIT about a week ago and visit the site everyday to see if the ECs name and address/phone no. is posted there.nothing so far.How long does it take? I live near Knoxville,TN. Hmm by now, you should have an EC assignment (probably out by Oak Ridge). If you dont have an assignment and its been a while, you should contact [emailprotected] Dan wrote, Quick question: will legacies have a better chance at admissions than others? Will they be favored or does it totally not matter? Legacies are not favored, and do not have a better chance in admissions. If you are a legacy and are admitted, you are admitted for being awesome and not for being a legacy. Richard wrote, Thanks for all the information and the opportunity to talk to you. I am more interested in going to MIT than ever. I just have one additional question about MIT campus life: How politically involved are MIT students? Thanks for all your insights! Its hard to uniformly characterize MIT students political activity. Certainly, there are active chapters of such groups as the College Democrats and Republicans, as well as groups for the Green and Libertarian parties. Theres a cool new political discussion group called the Forum on American progress. Political Science classes are popular. There are also issue-oriented groups on things like the environment, abortion, social justice, and more. In general, I would characterize MIT students as having a more pragmatic (as opposed to a more radical or protest-based) approach to activism, trying to make a tangible difference on specific things rather than having vague protests and petitions (though those things happen, too). Hope that helps a little; you may want to seek out the student bloggers opinions as well. Kat wrote, I attended your lecture in Miami and yes it was standing room only!!! Well, I am writing to you because your lecture did not include any information for home schoolers (myself). I am early in the process as I am 14 but I find it is never too early. [] How does a homeschooler get an opportunity to participate in the process? Homeschooled applicants are treated just as any other applicants are. Of course, being homeschooled is a big part of your context, and that will be a big part of the consideration of your application. There is a reasonable number of formerly homeschooled students at MIT, and they tend to be as successful as traditionally schooled students. Ive promised an entry with more information about homeschool and Ill try to get to it soon. Mike wrote, I participated in the Lemelson MIT Inventeams program last year (I dont know if you know about it). How favorably will MIT look at this? Yes, we know about Inventeams (hey, is that you in the picture on the homepage?). Many of our staff went to the Inventeams event this past June, and others are involved with the selection process. In short, we know about the program and like it. Shikhar wrote, can you tell me one thing. Does MIT give credit to students who are involved in community service. I am heavily involved in the above or so I think (I have been in service for three years which would make it like 2000+hrs dont really know the exact amount). Is this really a distinguishing work or do quite a number of applicants have such good community service. Im not exactly sure what you mean by credit if you mean academic credit, then in general, no, MIT doesnt give academic credit for community service. Most students who are involved with service work do so because it is something they want to do to give back. If you mean do we in admissions consider this a credit to your application, then, yes, the service work will absolutely be considered (and 2000 hours is a lot of service!) and will be a good thing (assuming your service is in keeping with the MIT mission of improving the future of the world). Were going to want to know much more about that service than just the raw hours how did you get involved? what was your motivation? was it required of you? what kind of impact did you have? how would this relate to what you would expect to do at MIT? etc. Relatedly, you may be interested in knowing about an initiative at MIT called Service Learning. The website defines this as: Service learning is a teaching method that integrates community service projects into the curriculum of a class. Students in service learning classes apply their learning to real-world needs, providing valuable help to underserved communities and bridging the gap between theory and practice. For example:Students in an engineering class learn engineering design by creating an electro-mechanical device to aid a person with a unique disability.Students in a writing class hone their communication skills by writing a grant proposal that a community agency then uses to receive funding.Students in a Public Service Design Seminar develop and build prototype delivery vehicles that expand the possibilities for vaccine transportation in the developing world. Check it out! Im very excited about the Service Learning initiative.

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Racism And Dissemination Based On Hatred And Racial...

Racism on the Internet Kristofer Palmer Texas AM University San Antonio Aug 8, 2014 Racism and dissemination based on hatred and racial superiority were pressing social problem prior to the emergence of the information age and digital communications. Long before the internet entered our homes racist groups made use of other communication tools including the telephone networks as far back as the 1970s. However the advancement of the digital communication age has added a new dimension to this problem by providing individuals in organizations modern and powerful means to support racism in xenophobia. The Internet is becoming our main means of communication creating a unique set of challenges and communication barriers particularly when it comes to the proliferation of extremist and racist material. The internet functions as a dangerous facilitator for various racist messages, and the proliferation of racist material will continue with the increased usage of the internet. The Internet has made great leaps in the field of personal freedom however that has also led to an increase in racism and extremism which can lead to the destruction of human empathy. All racist websites are hate oriented sites, but while hate sites often carry racist information, some may also contain anti-abortion extremist and anti-gay information as well. While discriminatory hate sites are bestShow MoreRelatedExistentialism vs Essentialism23287 Words   |  94 Pagessnatching him from his joys, lead him forcibly back to the underworld, where his rock was ready for him. You have already grasped that Sisyphus is the absurd hero. He is, as much through his passions as through his torture. His scorn of the gods, his hatred of death, and his passion for life won him that unspeakable penalty in which the whole being is exerted toward accomplishing nothing. This is the price that must be paid for the passions of this earth. Nothing is told us about Sisyphus in the underworld

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How Hiphop Has Changed the Youth in Society - 2070 Words

Arnob Basit Dissertation Has Hip-hop changed the youth in todays society? Throughout the past 30 years, there has been much speculation about how negative hip-hop music truly is, and how it actually affects the youth. The hip-hop music of recent years has been the foundation of many controversial issues and has been illustrated negatively by the media countless times. Issues such as gun and knife crime which has escalated heavily within younger age groups in the last 15 years, especially in the USA and UK and also drug abuse, the use of marijuana being used openly within the younger generations. Hip-hop has been accused of influencing the youth to become more misogynistic towards women by constantly having explicit content, such as†¦show more content†¦This procedure is known as rapping or Emceeing. From hip-hop spawned the sub-genre ‘Rap’ in the early 1980s. More and more artists became interested in the new form of music out of New York. In 1981, Rap gained a lot of exposure through popular shows such as 20/20 and Saturday night liv e. The 1990s saw even more change in the hip-hop industry. Early in the decade, artists fought for permission to sell their albums since most authorities deemed them ‘obscene’ due to the explicit content within the music. A lot which expressed sexual references towards women and talked about the use of drugs. Hip-hop music also spoke strongly about politics and poverty, artists such as Tupac and Public Enemy spoke about such issues. In the 1990s the tension that had been gathering between the west coast ‘Gangsta’ and the East coast artists has exploded and resulted in the shooting deaths of Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur. In the present day Hip-Hop is one of the largest and fastest growing sources of capital and has a great influence on its fans. The roles that Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop artist play in America require responsibility, however, many of the performers and labels take none. By using television and other various sorts of visual media Hip-Hop portrays less than positive stereotypes and all but influences the youth to accept these stereotypes as normalShow MoreRelatedNegative Effects of Hip-Hop2186 Words   |  9 Pagescurrent generation of youth is engrossed in hip-hop culture, tending to idolize the artist behind the songs. Since the 1970s, hip-hop has influenced American culture tremendously. In the past, hip-hop held a central focus around inequality, empowerment and overcoming hardships. Today, hip-hop talks more about sex, money, a male dominant social standing, and drugs. Hip-hop, from then to now, has drifted to the darker side of the social spectrum. The majority of today’s youth w ere subconsciously thrustRead MoreThe Real Harajuku1943 Words   |  8 PagesJapanese young people started hanging out at the Harajuku district. These trendsetting youth go there with their unexplainable fashion sense (Bartlett). The Harajuku fashion is just really so different because anything can be possible (Craft 26) and it is all about â€Å"creativity, theatricality, style, confidence, looking cute, and mixing and matching† (Knight). This was all made possible due to the fact that the youth still stayed at their parents’ home and their fathers provided them with the money theyRead MoreRap : The Flow Of A Disputed Artform3070 Words   |  13 Pageslike how jazz and blues were first highly controversial but undeniably very American musical styles, rap has become a definitive musical voice and creative outlet for a large group of people. In the last few decades, rap music in America has dramatically captured and changed the pop culture and media of youth. Much abo ut rap is misunderstood because of lack of knowledge of the social context to some listeners and so it is often deemed obscene due to explicit language and content. Rap music has doneRead MoreAlternative Learning Systems9735 Words   |  39 Pagesfor critical education in prison. They aimed to use their teaching efforts to reach out to marginalized students and develop students’ sociological imaginations to assist them through the challenges of confinement and reentry. The authors’ analysis has implications for both prison education and higher education more broadly. They conclude that the success of prison education is dependent on establishing democratic classrooms that can enable students to see themselves as something more than inmates

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The Need And Importance Of Learner Management Systems Education Essay Free Essays

string(168) " bend will depend upon their general IT or package accomplishments and besides for how long they have been utilizing the system and how frequently they use the system\." Introduction I have worked in the Work based Learning proviso and hence understands the demand and importance of learner direction systems†¦ without which the whole system will be in muss. There is a batch of conformity demand as the programmes we provide are chiefly funded through the SFA ( Skills Funding Agency ) or ESF ( European Social support ) and inspected by the Ofsted. It is non possible for a individual individual to retrieve or organize all these things hence there is a demand for a LMS which will remind you to make the assorted things, generate appropriate studies, co-ordinate between the scholar, employer, coach, presenting organic structure and the support organic structure. We will write a custom essay sample on The Need And Importance Of Learner Management Systems Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Work Based Learning has been defined nationally as ‘Learning for, at or through work ‘ Learning for work loosely encompasses ‘anything which can be labeled ‘vocational ‘ as delivered in school, college, sandwich classs, in BTEC Nationals in hairdressing/beauty and manner, mechanical technology, humanistic disciplines and ocular, or even wellness, kid and societal attention. Learning at work every bit related to developing and development delivered in-company such as Business direction accomplishments, client service, wellness and safety ; and Learning through work that includes the application of job-related acquisition ( perchance acquired elsewhere ) and the accomplishments and cognition acquired in the procedure of making the occupation such as athleticss manager, attention work, mechanics. Work Based Learning is one of the most popular flagship of the current and old authoritiess. The degrees of hapless attainment of accomplishments in the instruction sector had become a serious affair of grave concern. More and more kids were go forthing school without any accomplishments, needed cognition or direct vocational experience. They were mostly unemployable due to hapless literacy, numeracy, scientific and ICT accomplishments and represent a immense societal liability, which was manifested by their engagement in anti societal offenses, or hapless negative behavior forms, taking to detonations of their admittances into unafraid disciplinary penal establishments. The deficiency of accomplishments of the Youth in United Kingdom is besides a major concern to industry and employers. Rather than prosecute in ne’er stoping blasted addition, the new Government has launched enterprises that appear to go on with known policies of promoting work based larning chiefly Apprenticeship schemes to be equipped with the critical accomplishments needed to be gainfully employed . This survey relates merely to the funded work based learning proviso, all of which are in range for review by Ofsted ( Office for Standards in Education ) and audit by the support organic structures like SFA ( Skills Funding Agency ) , ESF ( European Social Funding ) etc. The procedures involved in the Work based proviso are much complex than the normal preparation colleges, besides as they are funded proviso they need to keep grounds that the money given by the support organic structures have been spent right as by the eligibility counsel and the undertaking counsel. Work Based Learning proviso involves three chief participants – the supplier, the employer and the scholar. As the complexnesss kept increasing the suppliers felt it really hard to pull off efficaciously the whole procedure this gave rise to the demand of a scholar direction system ( besides known as direction information system ) to administrate and pull off the whole procedure efficaciously and besides to cut down staffing cost and mistakes. Today there are tonss of package which are used by the WBL suppliers in UK, the chief being PICS by pellcomp package and Maytas by Tribal. Learner direction system does the occupation of the director†¦ it is non merely for pull offing the scholars but besides for helping the supplier for record maintaining, coverage and for communicating between the employer, supplier and the scholar. Learner Management system has ever been confused with the e-learning but really LMS is a portion of E-learning. By ‘e-learning ‘ we mean: ‘The bringing and disposal of larning chances and support via computing machine, networked and web-based engineering to assist single public presentation and development ‘ ( Pollard and Hillage, 2001 ) . There are assorted engineerings which contribute to e-learning for WBL suppliers viz. : Learner Management System – for pull offing scholar, employers, learning staff and for assorted conformity demands Learning Content direction system – It involves development, direction and publication of the content that will typically be delivered via a Learning Environment Learning Environment – Learning Environment is a environment where scholars and learning staff can interacts. VLE is a type of web-based acquisition environment which brings together in an incorporate environment, a scope of resources that enable scholars and staff to interact online, and includes content bringing and trailing. Learner Assessment System or E-portfolios – for on-line testing or measuring scholars A batch of research has been done on E-learning and VLE and besides Becta has been making research on the e-maturity of WBL suppliers, Becta research has greatly influenced this research and besides relevant information has been used from the Becta research as a secondary information which has formed the portion of determination of this research. RESEARCH AIM The purpose of the proposed research is to look into the user satisfaction of the Learner Management System used by the funded Work Based Learning Suppliers in Greater London. Research OBJECTIVES Its specific aims are to: Identify tendencies for WBL suppliers in their use of Learning Management systems look into the impact of Learning Management systems on the overall quality of proviso place for what different intent is the LMS being used by the suppliers look into the degree of staff accomplishments in the usage of LMS place whether clip spend by the user utilizing LMS has impact on the user satisfaction place how cost effectual the LMS system is and what impact it has on user satisfaction RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS The user satisfaction of the Learning Management systems amongst funded Work Based Learning suppliers depends on the undermentioned variables – Users skill Cost effectivity Functions the LMS supports User Skill will include how competent the users are in utilizing the Learning Management system which in bend will depend upon their general IT or package accomplishments and besides for how long they have been utilizing the system and how frequently they use the system. You read "The Need And Importance Of Learner Management Systems Education Essay" in category "Essay examples" Cost Effectiveness will include the existent cost of the LMS, clip saved by the users utilizing the LMS, the decrease in the labor cost and the mistake decrease Functions the LMS support will include how helpful the LMS is in back uping through the assorted procedures of WBL, how good incorporate it is with other sytems A user will be more satisfied with the LMS if he/she is more skilled A user will be more satisfied with the LMS if it is cost-efficient A user will be more satisfied with the LMS if it support more maps Research Background: A turning tendency of instruction and preparation in UK is Work based Learning where employees, particularly immature 1s, are provided assorted signifiers of chances to develop and better their numeracy, literacy, ICT, client service and other related proficient and vocational accomplishments, cognition and practical industrial cognize how. It is widely acknowledged that to assist concerns to win in this clip of economic challenge, it is critical that employers invest in accomplishments. Training additions productiveness in the short termA – and employers who do n’t develop are two times more likely to neglect than those who do. Research shows that three in four concern people ( 76 % ) believe that their organisation would non win without investing in preparation, hence Work Based Learning is a really of import signifier of acquisition. Apprenticeships and Train to Derive are two most of import funded work based larning programmes.. Apprenticeship is a system of developing a new coevals of practicians of a accomplishment. Apprentices ( or in early modern use â€Å" learners † ) or proteges construct their callings from apprenticeships. Most of their preparation is done while working for an employer who helps the learners learn their trade, in exchange for their go oning labor for an in agreement period after they become skilled. Theoretical instruction may besides be involved, informally via the workplace and/or by go toing vocational schools while still being paid by the employer Apprenticeships have a long tradition in the United Kingdom, dating back to around the twelfth century and flourishing by the fourteenth century. The parents or defenders of a child would hold with a Guild ‘s Master craftsman the conditions for an apprenticeship which would adhere the child for 5-9 old ages ( e.g. from age 14 to 21 ) . They would pay a premium to the craftsman and the contract would be recorded in an indentation. In 1563, the Statute of Artificers and Apprentices was passed to modulate and protect the apprenticeship system, prohibiting anyone from practising a trade or trade without first functioning a 7-year period as an learner to a maestro. From 1601, ‘parish ‘ apprenticeships under the Elizabethan Poor Law came to be used as a manner of supplying for hapless, illicit and orphaned kids of both sexes alongside the regular system of skilled apprenticeships, which tended to supply for male childs from somewhat more flush backgrounds. These parish apprenticeships, which could be created with the acquiescence of two Justices of the Peace, supplied learners for businesss of lower position such as farm labouring, brick devising and humble family service. In the early old ages of the Industrial Revolution entrepreneurs began to defy the limitations of the apprenticeship system, and a legal opinion established that the Statute of Apprentices did non use to trades that were non in being when it was passed in 1563, therefore excepting many new eighteenth century industries. In 1814 compulsory apprenticeship by indentation was abolished. The consequence of this was the low end product of skilled forces in technological industries, which in bend relegated UK into the lower ranks of advanced societies. Since so Apprenticeship has ever been really popular and besides has been the most favoured by the assorted authoritiess. As employees, learners earn a pay and work aboard experient staff to derive job-specific accomplishments. Off the occupation, normally on a day-release footing, learners receive preparation to work towards nationally recognised makings. Anyone life in England, over 16 and non in full-time instruction can use. Apprenticeships can take between one and four old ages to finish depending on the degree of Apprenticeship, the learners ‘ ability and the industry sector. Train to Gain is the authorities ‘s flagship supplying accomplishments based developing to employees. Train to Gain is portion of the Governments Solutions for Business, a broad portfolio of extremely targeted, publically funded concern support merchandises and services, designed to helpA eligible English concerns grow and win. As the national accomplishments service Train to Derive: purposes to run into the demands of employers of all sizes and from all sectors to better the accomplishments of their employees as a path to bettering their concern public presentation purposes to promote all concerns and persons to value and gain the benefits that larning and accomplishments can convey is a valuable resource for employers, unlocking employees ‘ possible and increasing company productiveness A wide scope of preparation is covered – from basic degree accomplishments to Level 2, Level 3 and other higher-level accomplishments such as Leadership and Management. As of today Train to Derive is to stop by July 2011 and new support programme will replace it but it will merely fund degree 2 makings and most suppliers are expected to exchange to apprenticeships programmes. Coalition Government Policy: In acknowledgment of the turning importance of work based acquisition, the new Coalition Government in United Kingdom has lent its support to this industrial tendency: The Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, commissioned Professor Alison Wolf of King ‘s College London to transport out an independent reappraisal of vocational instruction. She was asked to see how vocational instruction for 14- to 19-year-olds can be improvedA in order toA promote successful patterned advance into the labour market and into higher degree instruction and preparation paths. She was besides asked to supply practical recommendations to assist inform future policy way, taking into history current fiscal restraints. The reappraisal has been informed by over 400 pieces of grounds from the populace, a figure of visits to colleges, academies and developing suppliers, and interviews and treatment Sessionss with cardinal spouses in the sector, and cardinal recommendations in the reportA include the followers: incentivising immature people to take the most valuable vocational makings pre-16, whileA taking inducements to take big Numberss of vocational makings to the hurt of nucleus faculty member survey presenting rules to steer survey programmes for immature people on vocational paths post-16 to guarantee they are deriving accomplishments which will take to progression into a assortment of occupations or further acquisition, in peculiar, to guarantee that those who have non secured a good base on balls in English and mathematics in GCSE continue to analyze those topics measuring the bringing construction and content of apprenticeships to guarantee they present the right accomplishments for the workplace doing certain the regulative frameworkA moves quicklyA off from recognizing single makings to modulating presenting administrations taking the demand that all makings offered to 14- to 19-year-olds tantrum within the Qualifications and Credit Framework, which has had a damaging consequence on their rightness and has left spreads in the market enabling FE lectors and professionals to learn in schools, guaranting immature people are being taught by those best suitable Before the Learner Management Systems or package the coverage and tracking all of scholars, classs and coachs was done through the usage of a individual maestro spreadsheet. To enable studies to be compiled, transcripts of this maestro spreadsheet would be taken and edited, which proved to be cumbersome, non really effectual and really clip consuming. Besides these chief spreadsheets were merely available at the chief office which meant that any coach or scholars who would necessitate some information needs to come to the office or when transcripts of this spreadsheet were taken off site, which on occasion happened, nevertheless this so lead to issues with versions of the maestro as updates may hold been done to this dispersed sheet off site whist other members of staff may hold made alterations to the on site transcript. Leading to issues with truth of the overall maestro spreadsheet, this was one of the trouble faced by most suppliers before the Learner Management Systems like PICS and Maytas came in the image. PICS is the most popular Learner Management system used by the Work Based Learning Suppliers in England. The chief characteristics of PICS are – Research Methodology: The system of roll uping informations for research undertakings is known as research methodological analysis The research will be undertaken in two phases: a literature reappraisal on the usage of e-learning in work-based learning proviso, covering authorities strategic and research publications, research by the LSC, Becta, JSIC and other bureaus, academic diaries, industry-related web sites and publications, specific undertaking studies and ratings. desk research including interviews and questionnaires with directors and practicians – which involves admin staff, coachs, assessors and Internal Verifier. Exploratory surveies will be conducted to derive acquaintance with the topical countries and generate thoughts through the reappraisal of available literature from beginnings such as Becta research, LSC ( now Skill Funding Agency ) , JISC and others. Pilot interview – restructure the inquiries as necessary Pilot usage of questionnaire – restructure the inquiries as necessary Contact inside informations of assorted s Letters/Emails bespeaking purpose, purposes and aims of the survey would be sent out to different administrations presenting Work Based Learning proviso in Greater London. Online questionnaire or paper based questionnaires will be sent out to the directors of these administrations. Online Questionnaires or paper based questionnaires will be sent out to the bringing staff of the administrations presenting Train to Derive proviso. Interviews will be conducted with cardinal staff of the administrations bringing work based learning proviso Analysis of secondary informations such as becta research and published one-year studies and academic diaries. Consideration of the informations and forms found in all of the administrations will be used in concurrence with academic theory to seek to explicate the findings and reply the research aims posed in subdivision Mistake: Reference beginning non found. Validity and Reliability In the design of the research attack I have considered the followers: Internal cogency – Increased through usage of multiple beginnings of grounds, structured interviews and questionnaires ( both closed and unfastened inquiries ) . The design of inquiries and study will be based on apprehension of the theory from the literature and pilot testing of the interview and questionnaire will be used to do certain inquiries are understood as intended. External cogency – Multiple instances considered to analyze whether findings can be generalised over a figure of administrations. There is no demand to do a statistical analysis of the consequences for generalization here as the attack chosen examines patterns and their effectivity. The purpose is to explicate the findings and explore generalisability through a comparing of findings with theory. Reliability – Structured interviews with inquiries derived from literature in order to analyze instances in same manner. Surveies to endorse up the interviews and obtain positions from a wider group. Questionnaires all administered at the same clip and in controlled mode, account to guarantee participants all understand research in same manner. Research Ethical motives Please see Appendix A to this proposal, the Business School Ethics Review Form. This covers the chief points to be addressed here, but in drumhead: The interviewees and study participants will be given a clear written description of the intent, range and intended results of the research. The type of information required for the research will be clearly stated as will the policy for namelessness and confidentiality. The research will be carried out in a manner that will guarantee confidentiality of the participant administrations and the single participants in the studies. The administrations which participate in the research will non be named in the thesis, nor will the interviewees and the questionnaires will be anon. . The interview inquiries and questionnaire will be designed to analyze merely the patterns of KM, no confidential merchandise or client information will be required. Even so, I have highlighted this country for possible ethical struggle in subdivision 5 of the Ethics Review Form. This is because confidential information may be discussed in the interviews and besides commented upon in the questionnaires, this information will non be included in a manner which will transgress confidentiality in the thesis. The semi-structured interviews will get down with an organizational questionnaire to derive company information such as figure of employees, figure of research staff, one-year turnover, market sector, merchandises ( type, figure of different merchandises, merchandise volume and value ) . The balance will cover a series of unfastened ended inquiries to discourse the KM patterns in order to derive an apprehension of the attack taken, the construction and effectivity, how and why certain schemes work whilst others are less effectual. Each participant will be asked to reply indistinguishable inquiries, but the order of the inquiries will non needfully be fixed as this may take away from the flow of the interview. The study is intended to supplement informations from interviews and sample more widely the patterns and single perceptual experiences in the administration. The purpose is to derive an apprehension of how the cognition schemes work and besides the sentiments and apprehension of the employees. The questionnaire will hold structured inquiries with fit responses in order to map the KM features of the administration[ 1 ]. There will besides be unfastened inquiries for participants to do remarks on the assorted facets of KM in their administration My attack to the design of the interview and study is as follows: Preliminary model built on the reappraisal of theory from academic literature prior to design of questionnaires and structured interviews Pilot interview – restructure the inquiries as necessary Pilot usage of questionnaire – restructure the inquiries as necessary Interviews – notes taken during entering cardinal words and phrases and making full record instantly after interview Survey – questionnaires explained and handed out/ collected during session Chapter 4: Findings In this subdivision the responses obtained from the questionnaire administered to the users are summarized and are presented to help treatment in subdivision 5. 4.1 Management Staff Survey A sum of 21 questionnaires were obtained for the direction staff study but out of which 3 of them were non wholly filled and had batch of compulsory inquiries unfilled hence they were non included in the analysis. The demographic of the direction staff of Work Based Learning proviso who took portion are presented below – hypertext transfer protocol: //www.education.gov.uk/16to19/qualificationsandlearning/a0074953/review-of-vocational-education-the-wolf-report How to cite The Need And Importance Of Learner Management Systems Education Essay, Essay examples

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Polymers Essays (452 words) - Polymer Chemistry, Polymer

Polymers Polymer, substance consisting of large molecules that are made of many small, repeating units called monomers, or mers. The number of repeating units in one large molecule is called the degree of polymerization. Materials with a very high degree of polymerization are called high polymers. Polymers consisting of only one kind of repeating unit are called homopolymers. Copolymers are formed from several different repeating units. Most of the organic substances found in living matter, such as protein, wood, chitin, rubber, and resins, are polymers. Many synthetic materials, such as plastics, fibers, adhesives, glass, and porcelain, are also to a large extent polymeric substances. Structure of Polymers Polymers can be subdivided into three, or possibly four, structural groups. The molecules in linear polymers consist of long chains of monomers joined by bonds that are rigid to a certain degree-the monomers cannot rotate freely with respect to each other. Typical examples are polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Branched polymers have side chains that are attached to the chain molecule itself. Branching can be caused by impurities or by the presence of monomers that have several reactive groups. Chain polymers composed of monomers with side groups that are part of the monomers, such as polystyrene or polypropylene, are not considered branched polymers. In cross-linked polymers, two or more chains are joined together by side chains. With a small degree of cross-linking, a loose network is obtained that is essentially two dimensional. High degrees of cross-linking result in a tight three-dimensional structure. Cross-linking is usually caused by chemical reactions. An example of a two-dimensional cross-linked structure is vulcanized rubber, in which cross-links are formed by sulfur atoms. Thermosetting plastics are examples of highly cross-linked polymers; their structure is so rigid that when heated they decompose or burn rather than melt. Synthesis Two general methods exist for forming large molecules from small monomers: addition polymerization and condensation polymerization. In the chemical process called addition polymerization, monomers join together without the loss of atoms from the molecules. Some examples of addition polymers are polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl acetate, and polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon). In condensation polymerization, monomers join together with the simultaneous elimination of atoms or groups of atoms. Typical condensation polymers are polyamides, polyesters, and certain polyurethanes. In 1983 a new method of addition polymerization called group transfer polymerization was announced. An activating group within the molecule initiating the process transfers to the end of the growing polymer chain as individual monomers insert themselves in the group. The method has been used for acrylic plastics; it should prove applicable to other plastics as well. Bibliography Polymer, Microsoft? Encarta? 98 Encyclopedia. ? 1993-1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Science